The farrelly’s Support tools

The Tipping Point Tables

The most popular part of the service.

These Tables provide a quick visual representation of the valuation status of the markets today. It is a traffic light system: green is Cheap, yellow is Fully Priced and red is Overpriced. Go, caution and stop!

They show the status of Australian Equities, Developed Markets, Emerging Markets, US Equities, World equities (ex US), Australian REITs and US REITs.

They are easy to understand and make investment decisons intuitively obvious for both sophisticated and new investors.


The Projector

This is a simple but extremely powerful projection tool that has a number of advantages over traditional projection tools

  • It considers a range of possible outcomes using a Monte Carlo simulation
  • It shows that markets do not move in straight lines
  • It is quick and easy to use

Not only does it project likely outcomes for investors, it answers the one question¬† that matters most for investors, “Am I on track to meet my goals?”


Risk Profiling

Risk profiling is a contentious but nonetheless critical part of the financial planning process. This video briefly discusses the theory behind risk profiling, how we need to consider both risk tolerance and risk capacity and how the farrelly’s tools support both of these assessments.

Annual user group meetings

Every year we run a one day session for farrelly’s subscribers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. During that day we typically review the forecasts, discuss hot topics, review how the service may be improved and spend some time on the various tools that form part of the service.

It is an interactive day that most attendees find really helpful in building their skills and confidence in the service. We would love to see you there.

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