Getting Started

Welcome to the farrelly’s Investment Strategy service!

In the next one to two business days we will validate that you are a licensed financial planner or a sophisticated investor. In the interim, there is some useful background work you can do  before your subscription is activated. There is a lot to learn if you want to get the most out of the service.

We suggest you use the time getting acquainted with the philosophy and the forecasting process. It normally takes a little while before it becomes second nature to you.

When your login comes through, you will be able to get access to all the materials on the site including the back issues of the Handbook and the software. We suggest that you read the last four editions of the Handbook and take the Implementor for a trial run.

Induction Part 1

  1. Understand the philosphy
  2. Understand the forecasting process
  3. Decide how you will implement the service
  4. Review the other aspects of the service

Induction Part 2 – after your Login Details are finalised

  1. Read the last four issues of the Handbook. It contains detailed descriptions of the latest forecasts for all asset classes
  2. Look at the investor presentation. It is a quick summary of the philosphy, process and results. It is designed for you to use with your investors. Practice giving the presentation in your own words. It is the quickest way to really understand the process
  3. Take the implementor for a trial run. Put your own details in there. You will quickly get a feel of how it works.
  4. Start thinking about how you will introduce the process to your clients.  It is all upside!
  5. Enrol for the annual User Group Meeting which takes place each month in March