A dynamic, forward-looking approach to asset allocation

farrelly’s Investment Strategy is a subscription based service which enables a dynamic, forward-looking approach to asset allocation, a key driver of quality portfolio construction for investors.

Established in 2004, farrelly’s Investment Strategy is the first independent, specialist asset allocation research service for investment advisory firms in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a web-based subscription service as well as consulting services, all grounded in a logical, client-focused, forward-looking risk and return forecasting framework based on a robust approach that has stood the test of time.

farrelly’s Investment Strategy helps create robust portfolios designed to meet investors objectives with clearly articulated market valuation tools, portfolio construction software and investor communication support.

The Pillars of the farrelly’s Philosophy

  1. Don’t invest until you are clear about your goals
  2. Risk is everything that stops you from achieving your goals
  3. Avoid wealth destroying bubbles
  4. Maximise the chance of meeting goals
  5. There’s more than one way to skin a cat

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